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to the first fan club dedicated to the masked antagonist of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Amon. We hope you enjoy your time in the group and helps us to grow with your commentaries, theories, info and art. Feel free to upload your material to our galleries, affiliate with us and leave us your suggestions. Please, follow our rules to keep peace and order. Members requests are automatically approved, same as art.


:bulletred: Respect above all. This character's specially subjected to theories of all kinds. We receive them all, and we don't want useless fights, harassment or insults to anybody because of their thoughts. Same goes for shippings.
:bulletred: Yes, we do accept shippings.
:bulletred: Submit your art to the respective folders. There will be weekly revisions to move/change stuff that was submited to wrong folders. Help the admin and contributors by paying attention where you submit your stuff.
:bulletred: We do not accept pictures that may offend any character from Avatar: TLA / LOK. It's ok we're Amon's fans but that doesn't mean that we are against benders or bender lovers.
:bulletred: We do not accept screens.
:bulletred: This group only allows the basic "amon meme" which is this one… NO OTHERS
:bulletred: You can submit memes as long as they're uploaded in your scraps.
:bulletred: Affiliations are always open. We affiliate with all kind of groups.

Quality control

:bulletred: No messy pictures, bad doddles, unfinished sketches, WIPs, pictures you'll leave in your scraps because even you don't like them that much. Give love to our favorite villain with your best drawings. Galleries will be checked often to remove the mentioned images. We are not demanding incredible pictures, but the ones you put your effort and time :)


Who is Amon? Nobody knows ;) His real identity will be revealed some day, if not in the last chapters of LOK. He's the current main antagonist of the show. Only a little is know about him. This is what Avatar wikia tell us about him:

:bulletred: Amon is the charismatic and mysterious leader of a group of chi blockers known as the Equalists, whose ultimate goal is to create equality by ridding the world of benders. A nimble and stealthy fighter, he is fearless in facing his opponents, regardless of their bending skills.

:bulletred: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Allies: Equalists, Lieutenant
:bulletred: Enemies: All benders, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Triple Threat Triads
:bulletred: Fightint style: Chi blocking
:bulletred: Profession: Equalist
:bulletred: Position: Revolutionary leader
:bulletred: Affiliation: Equalists
:bulletred: First appearance: Chapter 1: "Welcome to Republic City"
:bulletred: Voiced by: Steve Blum
:bulletred: History: Amon was born on a small farm to a poor family of non-benders; nonetheless, they were extorted by a firebender. When Amon's father eventually confronted the bender, the firebender killed his family and deformed Amon's face, resulting in him wearing a mask since then.
Later in his life, Amon became the leader of the Equalists, an organization opposed to the art of bending, based in Republic City. They terrorized the city, striving to rid the world of bending [ keep reading ]

:bulletred: Personality: Amon appears to be a calm and composed individual, unrelenting even in the face of danger. He has a severe abhorrence towards benders, blaming them as a whole for the death of his family, his supposed facial disfiguring, and every war that has ever occurred. Amon is cruel and sadistic, as seen when he revels in his power to take away one's bending, and is described by Mako as "insane".
He is also very clever and calculating, as has been shown several times. He opted to let Avatar Korra escape from the Revelation, seeing she would be the perfect one to announce his new ability to the city. Amon also chose not to take away her bending at an easy and very early opportunity to eliminate her as a threat, foreseeing that it would make her a martyr for the benders, and unite them globally against his cause.

Despite his tyrannical and violent behavior, Amon claims to be a staunch believer in what he views as equality and affectionately refers to his followers as "brothers and sisters"

:bulletred: Abilities: Amon has shown himself to be a very skilled and nimble fighter; his superior agility allows him to maneuver himself gracefully to the extent of being able to dodge lightning. His knowledge of chi blocking coupled with his power to take bending away permanently makes Amon as powerful as any bender. He is also very cautious as he is never seen without his fellow Equalists as back up.

:bulletred: Trivia • Amon may be an English phonetic spelling for "Aman", meaning "peace" in Sanskrit and Malay. This may explain the Chinese ideogram 平 (píng) meaning "peace" on the chest of his previous character design. The 平 ideogram also means "fair" and "equal", matching the Equalists' name.
• The name Amon is very similar to Amun (also known as Amun-Ra), the King of Gods in Egyptian mythology. The spelling "Amon" is also used in some transliterations. Amon is an Egyptian name meaning "hidden", which may refer to his covered face.
• The Chinese transliteration for Amon's name, 阿蒙 (pinyin: āméng) can have a few meanings, but the most appropriate is "to cover".
• Amon is the seventh evil spirit listed in "Ars Goetia" in The Lesser Key of Solomon. He is said to be a Marquis of Hell.
• Amon states that benders have started every war in every era. That would be an error considering the war between the villages of Oma and Shu wich subsequently led to, and thus it took place before, the origin of earthbending.
• Amon is also the first name of Amon Goeth, the notorious Nazi officer who was found guilty for murdering tens of thousands of people. He was also the primary antagonist in Schindler's List.
• Amon sounds very similar to Anon - short for Anonymous, an internet movement or concept of anonymous activists who protest political injustice. They often use a Guy Fawkes mask as a symbol for the movement and as a disguise, which is similar to the mask Amon uses.
• Amon is the name of the second deadliest pressure point in the human body. Located on the back of the neck, a precise strike can be fatal.
• The red circle on Amon's mask is similar to that of the large red disk featured on the flag of Japan, which represents the rising sun and thus the dawn of a new era. This circle also marks one of the two pressure points Amon touches to take one's bending away.
• Amon's outfit bears a resemblance to Dr. Doom, a villain from Marvel comics. Amon also has similarities to V from V For Vendetta, both being masked revolutionaries who had their faces burned by fire, as well as masters at manipulation.
• Amon lost his family to a firebender, much like Mako and Bolin lost their parents to one.

:bulletblue: Equalist Amon
:bulletblue: Amon-a-day
:bulletblue: Ask Amon
:bulletblue: Talk to an Equalist
:bulletblue: Amon the chi blocker
:bulletblue: Equalist problems
:bulletblue: Classy as fuck
:bulletblue: Equalists behind the mask
:bulletblue: The lightning lieutenant
:bulletblue: Underestimated the Avatar
:bulletblue: Ask teen Noatak

Do you know some more? Post them so we can visit them!

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Fan club dedicated to the masked villain Amon. Join us and become a member of the Revelation!

:bulletred: Members request are always open.
:bulletred: Affiliations are open to all kind of groups.
:bulletred: Discuss your points of view about this misterious character.
:bulletred: Comment about the new chapters every week.
:bulletred: Contribute with your art and fiction.
:bulletred: Helps us to grow with your suggestions.
:bulletred: Invite your friends!
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there is a icon contest being held in All-about-avatar…
for all avatar fans~
Dear members:

Our account equalist-funds account finally has it's icon, thanks to Blastu.

We want to ask you to donate points (the number you wish will be ok :) ) so we can prepare the contest and have prizes.


Have a nice day!
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i know who Amon is, i hope you guys know too
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
I like Amon a lot, but he suffers from something I call the "perfect villain" syndrome. Its the kind of villain were they always seem to one step a head of the hero, able to pull of the near impossible without a single mistake, and nothing even slows him down until the very end. When done well the "perfect villain" can add tension and excitement to the story, but when done badly the "perfect villain" can seem overly powerful and makes it harder to get lost in the fantasy. Sadly, while Amon was a great villain, he feel just a few inches onto the bad side of the "perfect villain".

The problem stems from how he is able to build all his weapons and his underground base. Some of the stuff, like training the che blockers and the shock gloves, I can believe because they are simple, easy to hide, and probably can be made from simple everyday things. Similar to how the Taliban can build homemade explosives.

But how does one build a massive an underground base without someone noticing? Especially under a city filled with earth benders who can feel the vibrations. Did they just ignore the rumbling of dozens or more drills and bulldozers beneath their feet? And what about the mecha tanks and the bi-plans? I know they were made underground but someone would have seen the smoke or notice all the equipment being moved in and out. Or how about when the pilots practiced their flying and bombing. Is someone actually going to tell me no one would saw the flying machines or hear the sound of bombs going off?

Giving Amon all this stuff was just not needed. He was already a good villain and if anything the idea of him being able to take over Republic City with fare more limited resources would make him even scarier. But as is, it just seems the writers were trying to copy the success they had with the Fire Nation, only they missed why giving the Fire Nation tanks and war balloons worked. It worked because the Fire Nation was a nation, so it made sense that they could build all that stuff. But the Equalist were a secret terrorist organization so giving them the same kind of equipment just seemed out of place and a sign of bad writing.
OnyxCygnus Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was swept away by Amon's Perfect Villain status as I tend to be with Slade from Teen Titans, and Silva from Skyfall.

Hearing these reasons lets me sit back and see my favorite character in LoK as underdeveloped and I appreciate that. I agree that he did not need more bells and whistles to mimic an invasion but to make sense of the episodes- here is a stab in the dark.

I had imagined that only master Earthbenders could feel in larger ranges that would penetrate underground and that the deeper they went the less likely it was for any bender to sense them because  they'd be out of range. (The Elevator took a while)

As for building the weapons, I'm not sure the citizens are skeptical of Republic City. I doubt they ever felt betrayed or oppressed by their government so if an influential member, say Sito, wants to build innovations as a hobby- the workers they hire for handy work will not be as in-tuned as the workers they hire for designs. 

I suppose I expect the Republic City Council or President to monitor its people more closely but seeing as they hadn't had a revolution on its hands, I can excuse them for turning a blind eye to odd, intimidating machinery in the hopes that inventors discover something communally beneficial, that they can be used for protection, or because more pressing matters are on the roster today.

My biggest hang-up in the Amon story (pre-Noatak reveal) is how quiet the Equalists are. In any group that large, I expect someone to blabber or boast about what happened 'at the rally last night' or how they can't wait to get their own 'special gloves' Leading to some minor scuffles between benders and untrained Equalists.
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
That just sounds like you are making excuses for poor writing. But if you liked Amon, more power too you. Also as bad as Amon has the Perfect Villain Syndrome he does not come close to guys like Hugo Strange from Batman Arkham City. That guy had the worst Perfect Villain Syndrome I have ever seen.   
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